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COSMO Electronic Lectern is tools for Presentation. We compound various modern features for making the Shine of the Presentation.
SmartView/ Smart J Panel
  Those panels are made with 100% CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) technology by aluminium bruse material. The professional mat black colour with Red LED Clock are perfect combination for colour matching. All of the control button and slot are fixed on the panel.
smart panel
Conceal-Type Cable Box
  The Conceal-Type Cable Box come with sliding door for Power, AV and VGA signal connection at the floor level.
e-logo ( Model :Chairman)
  Identification logo are displayed electronically on 19"HD-LCD. The prime/Permanent logo are stored in memory card. And, the flexible/Speakers logo can be load anytime
by USB port on SmartView Panel. This is scientific way for display the virtual logo during changing the speakers with their own idenification. ( All function can done by accompanied IR remote controller.)
7" LCD CUE Monitor (All models except Pilot)
  It showing the script or any reminding message from the show manager to the speaker. Technially, the cue monitor is connected to the PC by VGA port or Composite Video at the Cable Box.
Height Adustment ( Model : Chairman)
  Motorized operate by IR remote or button on SmartVeiw Panel. This is purpose for fitting the best image for difference human body.
Pro-Conference Microphone / LED Reading Light
  Pro-conference Microphone with Light Indicator. (All Models) LED Reading Light with BNC connection. (Except Chairman)
LED Reading Light
Sound System
  Build-In Type (Model : Chairman)
1. Conceal Speaker at floor level
2. Sound Unit (CD Player, VHF Wireless Mic Receiver x2, Volumne Control)
External Type (All models except Chairman)
Built-in Sound System
External Sound System
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